Why We Choose .FLAC

We have been the first advocates for “loss-less” audio for decades. MP3 type compression formats remove up to 73% of portions of the sounds on a soundtrack…this is how the compression of the size of the sound file is accomplished. For those of us with a good ear for sound quality, this is unacceptable. It’s a quality vs quantity of songs issue. However, when we are using a deep healing application of sound and music that target deep subconscious recognition of certain sounds in these soundtracks aligned with brainwave entrainment to affect brainwave function and consciousness, this issue becomes a different matter entirely. We use a number of technologies and techniques on our soundtracks that have a deep impact on the unconscious mind and having MP3 compression fracture tear apart the sounds we are using by removing portions of these sounds, can possibly cause negative effects we want to avoid (you can read more about our audio innovations and patented processes in the “articles” section of the website).

So, we do not recommend MP3-type compression systems to be used with our healing soundtracks, this is the reason you will not see our soundtracks offered as MP3 here on our website. We use a “Loss-Less” audio system called FLAC. This system compresses the soundtrack into a sort of digital “shorthand” and then when it plays it back, it expands this “shorthand” back out into the full-sized audio file, so nothing is lost or removed or thrown away. This ensues you get the full and complete audio experience we intended for the maximum transformational experience from these soundtracks.

We offer a free FLAC player for our downloadable soundtracks for your convenience.


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Healing Mind System
2 Program Set

  1. Healing Mind System 1-Healing the Body
  2. Healing Mind System 2-Balancing Emotions


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