There are many benefits available to anyone. Unfortunately, no one can tell you what you will receive or when you will receive for multiple reasons. Some of these reasons involve one’s particular challenge and need, karma, life-style, dietary habits, belief system, past experiences, and current situation, to mention a few characteristics that made each of us unique. We receive that which we need and are able to receive – all special and all a blessing. Life is a journey – ever new and growth-producing – each step capable of changing whatever to a great extent.


 A good example might be taking a healthy family of ten children who all have the same background – same parents, same genetic heritage, same household, parents who tried to treat each individually but fairly in relationship to others, etc. If you had a private interview with each when all were adults and asked about their upbringing and aspects of their life, you might wonder if they came from the same family! Just as eyes see only what the mind can see, each person can see, hear, feel, etc. only what their own personal background, multi-generationally speaking, allows them to see, hear, feel, etc. Each person is unique, wonderfully made and courageously challenged for their own spiritual good.

With that said, we have multiple testimonials, and many more not yet on the website, sharing benefits. Some are miraculous in a big way. Most benefits come in more subtle but just as definite ways.

These manifest as:

  • More calmness
  • More ability to handle stress
  • Improved emotional responses
  • More ability to manage responsibilities
  • More likely to fulfill commitments
  • Making better decisions and choices in the present and for the future
  • More restorative sleep
  • Improved physical, emotional and belief system health
  • Increased energy
  • Sense of wellness
  • Less pain
  • A better sense of themselves
  • More awareness of their purpose in life;
  • An enhancement of natural abilities
  • Increase in creativity
  • Improved peak performance
  • Possibly greater longevity
  • Improved mental and spiritual enrichment

What will it be for you? Try it – be open and receptive
– and you and those around you will see!

Improved Quality of Life

"Everyday I thank the Lord for you (Dr. Thompson) and your work. I really do not know where I would be today if it were not for you and your CDs – or -- if I would even be here. My life has changed in an incredible way – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – I am and will remain forever grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

JL – E-mail

Diminished Pain

 “The Sonic Labyrinth (now this one is REALLY awesome), anyway I began listening at about 6 PM, fell asleep (Don’t remember a thing) and woke up the next morning PAIN FREE!!! I have lots of fibromyalgia and arthritis stuff going on. His (Dr. Thompson) work is a prodigy and genius indeed.”

GT, Nurse -WA

Stress Relief

“This is a great relaxing cd for those overstressed moments. I enjoy the music and have already purchased a second cd by Dr. Thompson.”

Anonymous -OR

Increased Energy

“I recently purchased your Brainwave Symphony. I listen to the ‘Energize and Focus CD’ each morning while I work-out. I have found it to be quite invigorating. I will send for more of your CDs soon. Thank you."

SJ- A Note

Relaxation for Healing

“My doctor recommended I purchase your Alpha Relaxation System for my atrial fibrillation and my gastric problem. I was dubious, but I bought it. It really works for me, in fact, I can’t believe how well it does work for me. It is great! I am doing so much better. Thank you!”

Katie -Texas


"Recently I began using headsets with your CDs to help clients with Chronic Fatigue, Cancer, fibromyalgia and Lupus and the results have been extraordinary. It is as though the hyper-vigilant musculature (particular in the auto-immune conditions) let go as the brain journeyed with the sound.”


Better Sleep

“In giving an evening of respite care, I attended an elderly woman with dementia, but who was a wonderful musician all her life. I played several CDs from your Brainwave Symphony set for her. Several times she said, “Oh, this is so beautiful.’ She was quiet and attentive. The next morning her husband called and asked what I have done the night before. I told him and he said that his wife slept all through the night and was more lucid in the morning. He was amazed. Your music works!”


Better Mental Health

“I have ADD and other learning disabilities…Thank you for putting together a revolutionary tool to help people with a variety of needs to find peace, balance, order and enlightenment!"



“The spreadsheets that I sent you are a compilation of 5 years of data. Since I began using your CDs, the average increase per student jumped from 140 points per student in math and reading to 162 points per student. In all three categories of math, reading, and writing the scores have improved from 190 points per student to 222 points per student.”

Steve, SAT Instructor -Florida

Peak Performance

“I was really exhausted when I got to Germany. I brought a bunch of Dr. Thompson’s CD and played them in my room at night, like I normally do. And the good news is that despite my physical problems, I felt good the day of my competition and skated to a win! Please tell Dr. Thompson!”

Karen G, MD, Ice Skating Champion

Increased Consciousness

“Your Celestial Dolphin, Rings of Uranus, Sri Yantra, Epsilon and Lambda CDs have given me extraordinary states of consciousness with wonderful insights and awareness. Thank you for your wonderful work and for helping so many of us.”


Awareness & Clarity

“Having just completed the sonic journey of the Sonic Labyrinth CD, I have observed the following changes in my being: 1) More awake, aware and alert 2) Perceptual clarity of my surroundings 3) Centered in my whole being – integrated 4) Resonance in my tissues – I feel like a Tibetan bowl that is resonating tones out to the world 5) New sense that each being is sounding their own tone and together we create music patterns."



“I am amazed at how much I can remember when I read or study with your Memory/Learning CD playing in the background. Even fine points, like ratios, stay with me. Every student should use this CD. Learning would be more fun.”

AB, MD -MBA Student

Mental Capacity

“I am becoming more and more aware of the beautiful possibilities to relax and entrain my brain. I did not expect this kind of impact, in this short time, not only of my way to analyze my thinking process, also the way I change in mind pattern. From the view of my work I’m able to find new (better) solutions, in matter of fact, the approach to complex scientific problems, finding a way in bilateral thinking going through different nervous systems. After having used the sleep & rejuvenation CD before bedtime, in the morning I’m sometimes being full of creative thoughts by using unexpected approaches. Thank you for that, and please forward my regards and my expression of honor for the outstanding work to Dr. Thompson.”

Dr. JB-Email

Increased Creativity

“I already purchased many cds from Jeffrey Thompson. All are amazing, but the Creative Mind System is the better mind expansion program ever made! My creativity raised a lot. Thank you."

RR - Brazil


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