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The Center for Neuroacoustic Research (CNR) has worked with Fortune 500 Corporations, like Cisco Systems, Inc., Mattel Toys, Inc., and Nike, Inc. freeing and enhancing many personal and work-group abilities and capabilities.

We design and implement programs using sound to reduce stress and consequent down-time from illness; to boost creativity and problem-solving; for team building, improved communication and interaction: all resulting in increased and improved productivity, better health and welfare for individuals and companies alike.  For corporations and businesses, this means improved morale, as well as decreased costs for sick leave, Workman's Comp and other health insurance costs.  It means a healthier bottom line for all involved.  The program easily pays for itself within a brief time. 

Below is a brief summary of a possible Program, with any one Phase standing alone.  Best results, of course, occur by embracing all three Phases, each of which easily pays for itself , as noted above.  Please contact us to secure more details, if interested.  And of course, which business or corporation can afford not to invest in both employees and company, especially if they are futuristic in their thinking?  

Corporate Creativity - Peak Performance Program - Phase I

Scientific pre-testing of employees follows a fast-moving, highly informative presentation explaining the CNR Creativity - Peak Performance Program by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, D.C., B.F.A.   Standard, accepted and recognized, non-invasive testing and procedures are used, including creativity-problem-solving assessments.  Post-assessment occurs at the conclusion of Phase I.  You, as the Corporation, will easily see changes in employee attitudes and performance, and will also be presented with the scientific data at the conclusion of Phase I.  Phase II can then be implemented, at your discretion, to achieve greater employee and corporate benefits.   Contact Us for details.

Corporate Creativity - Peak Performance Program - Phase II

In Phase II, each employee is evaluated for the fundamental frequency which works most effectively for him/her to boost personal balance, health, well-being, creativity and personal peak performance.  Custom CDs are made for each employee using his/her own unique frequency, especially when using the Dr. Thompson Neuroacoustic Sound System from Phase I. The work of Phase II means far greater levels of productivity, stress-reduction, creativity and problem-solving, as well as an increased sense of well-being, morale, and greater cohesive team work.  

Pre and post evaluations are also done in Phase II, offering objective, measurable data to further validate what employees and corporations have already experienced and witnessed.  Employees and corporations profit together.  Contact Us to secure more details.  

Corporate Creativity - Peak Performance Program – Phase III

Phase III is a powerful, high-tech approach to “Bio-Tune™” teams together.  It not only draws upon the resources of the individuals in the group, but also draws upon the collective resources of the group.  This is a unique, out-of-the-box approach to achieving the very highest level of peak performance of the whole.  Again, both employees and corporations profit.  This time, however, the group of employees who work together are able to create a team peak performance level, outperforming the capacities of single employees.  Results have been dramatic and easily seen.   Contact Us for details.  

Other Offerings to Corporations

What is your need, your goal as a business? We work with companies of all sizes, including Fortunate 500 and 100 Companies. Many request their work with us remain confidential as we assist them in fulfilling employee and business needs and goals.  These areas include stress reduction, sleep enhancement, morale improvement, focus and concentration empowerment, thinking out-of-the-box capabilities, creativity, problem-solving, rejuvenation, and even meditation assistance for those with a global, esoteric approach and view.

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