Mission Statement


The Center for Neuroacoustic Research (CNR) is dedicated to the healing of the Global Body of the Universe through the healing of individuals of which it is composed. It explores the matrix and boundaries of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies through clinical and scientific research. The strength of CNR’s work lies in its foundation of over two decades of scientific clinical research with thousands of patients and volunteers.

Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson

Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson, D.C., B.F.A., Founder and Director of CNR, shares research findings and continuous work through articles, presentations, seminars, workshops, interviews and public speaking. Holistic Practitioners, Neuroacoustic Sound Practitioners and Therapists are trained and certified at CNR.

Goal of CNR

The goal of CNR is to bring to the scientific community and to the public at large, a well-researched, safe, non-invasive, intrinsically powerful but gentle modality for managing personal health and wellness, and for personal growth and transformation. This it does with uniquely individualized sounds for each participant with Dr. Thompson’s Bio-Tuning®/Sonic Induction Therapy™. It is through Dr. Thompson’s musical sound compositions, his Bio-Tuning®/Sonic Induction Therapy™ modality and his scientifically engineered Neuroacoustic/Neuro-Integration™ Sound Delivery Systems and Programs that we move toward our vision -- a vision of individuals, and eventually the world, at peace, healthy and living its highest purpose – living, working and playing from its center. Dr. Thompson’s and CNR’s motto states it well

Our Hope

It is our hope that this website, with results of Dr. Thompson’s and CNR’s research, its articles, workshops, clinicians spread across the globe, and products from research, including Dr. Thompson’s many powerful audio programs and his scientifically engineered, patent-pending sound delivery systems, will assist its visitors to move closer to their own personal healing and to expand their awareness of sound and its healing and transformative powers.

DRJEFFSNEUROSOUNDDELSYSTEMS2xExperience a greater impact and deeper experience with Dr. Thompson's sound delivery systems.

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Healing the Body • HeartMindSpirit through the Scientific Application of Sound

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