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Ten of thousands of individuals, healthcare practitioners, educators and businesses have utilized and benefited from Dr. Thompson’s scientifically engineered audio -compositions. Over the last 30 years, Dr Thompson has developed a wide range of audio programs, all orchestrated with mind/body harmonious brainwave entrainment, helping to balance the listener’s Autonomic Nervous System, and so too, the brain, which is the main CPU of the ANS and so the body.

On this page, we would like to provide you with some comments which may enhance your listening experience and thus, facilitate the reception of benefits available to you and their use.

Scientific Sounds May Be Used in One of Four Ways.





9 Ways to Experience the World of Scientific Sounds

yogaLiterally make time for yourself and lie down or sit back in a relaxing chair.

2underthecoversCover yourself with a light blanket (Some prefer a fuzzy blanket!) so you are not disturbed by a chill when deeply relaxing.

oldladylisteningTurn your audio player on and adjust your full-frequency headphones (20-20K Hz). Purchase Here>

4armsbehindheadIf possible, use CNR’s Light Glasses for quicker entrainment and greater entrainment of the visual-auditory areas of the brain. Purchase Here>

5soundchairAdd a Dr. Thompson Neuroacoustic Sound Chair or Table for maximum results, if possible. Each experience is different and truly awesome as each cell in your body is resonated and massaged. Read more>

womanwheadphones6Listen to one brainwave program for several days or several weeks. Let yourself really reap the benefits of that program. Read More>


7girlcreativeAfter listening to a program for days or weeks and you feel you have received all you are able to receive at the time, but may still have questions relating to that brainwave state, begin ...Read More>


8blueeyesLearn the right question to ask.The subconscious is closed off when we ask “Why do I… or Why does...”, just as children and adults are closed off when asked WHY they did or did not do something. Read More>


9writingjournalJournal daily, noting awareness, insights, realizations, and thus make the experience a process. Journaling helps one make greater progress in whatever course of self-exploration and development one undertakes.

Enter Your Session with Deep Receptivity.


By this is meant, trusting yourself and thus tuning in with your Bio-organic Intelligence, Inner Physician, Divine Power or whatever name you wish to call the Power within you to heal, to learn, to explore, to experience, to realize, to be who and what you really are or can be.


Let yourself easily follow the music, without trying to dissect or analyze, expect this or that to happen, etc., and let yourself be taken to where the music/your brain may take you. You will be safe and more open to receive what you need and what is best for you personally. (Many think they fall asleep and although they may even look asleep, they are actually in an altered state of awareness, a wonderful example of being mentally active and physically passive.)


Receptivity is an attitude and something many must learn. Their level of responsibilities and stress require great management skills and leave little time for true relaxation, healing, growth, creativity, meditation, etc.


This also means we do not enter into any session with expectation of “this is what I should receive”, etc.


Lastly, perhaps, although exciting and really wonderful to learn about ourselves, it does take time and courage. Many would like to know, but only so much, and so they block themselves. We hope you are among the bravest – it is all good!

One Last Comment...

..sometimes one is listening to a program and does not like it or “it” makes them feel uncomfortable. Because Dr Thompson’s work is well tested and has a unique and wonderful ability of going to the causality of a problem, this may happen. The main reason for this indicates –

a) The person has chosen a brainwave state above what might be more beneficial for them;

b) The program is knocking on a nadi, a door closed to a flow of energy; and/or

c) The person has kept something from consciousness and fears he/she may have to face it and chooses not to do so.

The latter situation (c) is scary, but can be handled successfully through Custom Bio-Tuning® or with a licensed and skilled therapist, a confidant, etc.

When feeling effects of healthy detoxification...

1.) Stop for the day to give your body time to properly handle the toxins released – to balance any system, certain energies generally need to be removed and others modified to achieve the needed changes;

2) Skip another day or two per your intuition or listen up to the time discomfort occurred minus 5 minutes;

3) Continue #2 until you feel comfortable moving on; then

4) Increase the time listening to the Program by 2, 4 or 5 minute increments and do that for a couple of days; or

5) Until you are comfortable and want to listen to the entire program – By that time your body has “caught up” and you are more in tune with yourself.

6) All is well and you will likely know you have made progress.


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