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You are about to explore a cutting edge technology for healing, enhancing meditation and effecting deep brain structures. It is based on the principles of enhancing brainwave function, advanced brainwave entrainment, Psychoacoustic 3-D recording processes, primordial sounds and research into a brainwave state called the “Default Mode Network” (DMN). Audio Length 60 minutes.

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The Limited Edition Print you receive is 9 1/2” x 9 1/2”  photographic retrospective compilation representing some of the work of Dr. Jeffrey Thompson as physician, musician, teacher, artist, author, researcher, explorer, inventor, scientist, speaker, global leader and innovator, the Einstein of Sound™.


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Sounds from Science for the Senses


Brainwave entrainment is part of a larger biological function called “Biological Sympathetic Oscillation”. Our biological “clock” sets itself to external cosmic events; day length cycles, full moon cycles and seasonal cycles to name a few. This has formed the basis for another method I developed for entraining the entire biological network in the body, which I call “Acoustic Pacing”. In Acoustic Pacing I am taking nature sound recordings - recorded with special Psychoacoustic 3-D microphones...
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The definitive work on the discovery of the phenomenon of acoustic brainwave entrainment - the ability to change brainwaves and states of consciousness with sound - was done by a medical researcher at Mount Sinai Hospital and published in the Oct 1973 issue of Scientific American entitled “Auditory Beats in the Brain”.
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Recordings of primordial sounds can be used therapeutically to access aspects of consciousness and memory to which an individual is typically unconscious. Dr. Thompson has found certain types of sounds—the heartbeat, respiratory sounds, passage of blood through vessels, organic bodily sounds—register deeply in the human nervous system.
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The Power of the Default Mode Network



Plays an important part in self-related processes, emotion regulation, social cognition, autobiographical memory and future-oriented thinking.



Is a frontoparietal network that is crucial to working memory and cognitive control of thought, emotion and behaviour.

What we think of as our ordinary consciousness
(The Central Executive Network) only represents 5% of our actual brain power.
The remaining 95% represents the default brain function; the DMN.

MINDBODYMEDICINE400pxResearchers are calling this brain network the physical place where the mind, emotions and body actually come together...the physical place in the body where real “Mind-Body” medicine resides.

Understanding The Default Mode Network

The Default Mode Network consists of four specific zones of the brain that form a functional network that is highly synchronized together with an extremely slow brainwave pulse of 0.1 Hz - 0.2 Hz. (That’s one brainwave pulse every 10-20 seconds). Normal “awake” brainwave frequencies are in Beta at about 18 Hz or 18 brainwave firings Per Second down to deepest sleep in low Delta at 0.5 Hz.

The Four Zones Making Up the Default Mode Network


These four regions have direct neural wiring with deeper structures in the brain which process and handle emotions; the Hippocampus and the Amygdala bodies.

Health Is In Your State of Mind


When the brain is not actively engaged (Central Executive Network) in an external task, it automatically “defaults” to this inner functional activity in which the mind wanders and the four Default Mode Network zones are synchronized with this very powerful 0.1-0.2 Hz brainwave pulse.



Researchers have so far identified a whole series of debilitating conditions associated with a de-synchronizing of the Default Mode network which can arise from brain trauma, closed head injury, concussion, etc. These conditions include: Schizophrenia, Anxiety syndromes, depression, PTSD, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disease, Autism, classic psychiatric dissociative disorders, etc.



We at CNR have been researching brainwave entrainment therapies with entrainment speeds at 0.1 - 0.2 Hz since 1989 with remarkable results with these types of conditions and more, most through work with the below Delta brainwave band I discovered in 1989 in this range I called “Epsilon”. With these more recent discoveries using sophisticated fMRI imaging studies and discovering this new Default Mode Network with a synchronized pulse of brain activity also at 0.1 Hz - 0.2 Hz, we have refined our brainwave entrainment techniques to more perfectly be able to re-synchronize the DMN. This has given us new, more powerful tools to offer possible treatments for these many conditions.

Further research has revealed the highest meditation states are associated with an increased synchronicity of the DMN (Default Mode Network). Therefore using this soundtrack to “hyper-synchronize” the DMN can be a powerful tool for accessing a scientifically orchestrated higher state of self awareness...


Healing the Body • HeartMindSpirit through the Scientific Application of Sound

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