Neuroacoustic Sound System

Neuroacoustic Sound System

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's Neuroacoustic Masterpieces Ready to Play!


The Scientific Sounds Preloaded Music Player

All you have to do is choose your interest or concern from among the Scientific Sounds titles noted below.  We will do the rest. Your Audio player will provide instant musical pleasure of current audio programs from our store, and perhaps one or more unreleased programs, ready to enjoy straight from the box! Plus you can easily add your future purchases directly from ScientificSounds.com.  (NB: The color of your player may be different from what is found here on the website.)

If you have purchased previous Audio Programs of Dr Thompson, you may wish to list them and send to us by e-mail so there are no duplicates placed in your Player. Also, if you want additional purchased programs added to your Player, we will upload them for you, at no additional cost, before sending the Player to you.


The Scientific Sounds Mini Audio Player

Ready to Play with your audio installed.

_ Easy to add future Scientific Sounds downloads
_ Supports FLAC Free Lossless Audio Codec*
– 8 GB Capacity
– MicroSDHC memory card slot
– Micro USB 2.0 connection
– Rechargeable battery offers up to 25 hours of use
– Includes earbuds in same color as player
–  Includes USB Cable for downloading or re-charging

Five colors to choose from: Black, Blue, Pink, Yellow and Green
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Neuroacoustic Audio Set 8RX Pro

Your Set comes with any purchased Scientific Sounds preloaded for you–
– Scientific Sounds FLAC mini audio player
– Center for Neuroacoustic Research(CNR) Audio Video Modulator and Light Glasses
– Audiophile enhancement 4RX Headphones

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Audio/Video Modulator
with Light Glasses

Scientifically engineered microprocessor translates sound frequencies into light pulses.

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Relaxation Mask

For meditation, relaxing, daytime napping or regular sleeping with a Dr Jeffrey Thompson audio program

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Neuroacoustic Enhancement 4RX Headphones

Add full frequency amplified headphones to achieve a higher level of balance and synergy within one's nervous system.

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Bio-Tuning Automated System

–This patented process utilizes your body’s unique sound frequency with your “Voice-Tone” to achieve an optimal brain/mind state for healing. Used in conjunction with sounds composed of nature, body NASA space sounds awaken and assist healing at core levels.



Neuroacoustic Sound Table Delivery System

–The only patented therapeutic table designed for deeper, targeted penetration of sound wave technology to core areas of the brain, spinal cord and body’s entire nervous system. Integrated with Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s tapestry of soundscapes provide for a much greater number and level of benefits for a person’s body, heart mind and spirit.



Neuroacoustic Sound Chair Delivery System

–Allows you to achieve a superior level of brainwave entrainment. As you recline in the “Zero-Gravity” position low frequency transducers resonate your body to Dr. Thompson’s Neuroacoustic soundscapes. Proven to facilitate stress-reduction, relaxation, sleep, healing , expanded awareness,creativity and much more.


DRJEFFSNEUROSOUNDDELSYSTEMS2xExperience a greater impact and deeper experience with Dr. Thompson's sound delivery systems.

FLAC Audio Player



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Brainwave Audio Set



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AV Modulator
with Light Glasses



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Audio Enhancement
4RX Headphones



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Sound Chair
Delivery System


Sound Table
Delivery System
















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